Case Interviews

Live practice and coaching with experienced consulting recruiters delivered via video conference

Because practice makes perfect...

"Uniquely demanding..."
The consulting case interview is often based on real cases that the interviewer has worked on in the past. It is a uniquely demanding interview format desgined to assess your ability to think on your feet, structure a problem, display strong commercial insight, make calculations quickly and accurately, all whilst maintaining an ongoing and engaging discussion with your interviewer
"Steep learning curve..."
Because the case interview tests so many skills and attibutes simultaneously, it is challenging even for very strong candidates to perform well the first time they tackle a case interview. We see the improvement our candidates with practice, which can often be the difference between success and failure
"Realistic interview experience..."
All our coaches are senior consultants who have interviewed real candidates on behalf of many of the leading international consulting firms. The cases we used are just like the ones used in real interviews. We know what the consulting firms are looking for because we have been there making the hiring decisions ourselves
"Comprehensive feedback..."
With every interview, you will be given detailed feedback on your performance and advice on how to improve. As well as a discussion with your coach at the end of the practice interview, you will get a detailed written assessment. This is based on the criteria and scoring templates used in real life selection processes

How does it work?

Packages and Pricing

Practice Interview

  • 1 practice case interview
  • Live 1-2-1 interview with a coach
  • Either market sizing or business case question
  • Detailed feedback report

3 Interview Package

  • 3 practice case interviews
  • Live 1-2-1 interviews with a coach
  • Either market sizing or business case question
  • Detailed feedback report

Premium Package

  • Best value package
  • CV / Cover Letter Writing Package +
  • 3 Practice Interviews
  • Online Coach

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